For Certified Behavior Analysts Who Treat Individuals Autism Spectrum Disorder


Designed to provide education necessary to remain proficient in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and meet requirements of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board,
we offer quality online training from industry leaders in a convenient and affordable manner.


Quality Content Delivered by Industry-Leading Trainers

Industry expert Megan Miller PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, provides Type II as well as supervision training. Dr. Miller has provided services to hundreds of children diagnosed with autism and other disabilities, provided training and supervision to individuals internationally, and presented at numerous national and international conferences. As a Level 3 Certified Trainer, Megan specializes in dissemination of effective behavior analytic service delivery for children with autism and other disabilities.

Flexible and Convenient Offerings

Training available online at any time that is suitable for the viewer, our trainings can be utilized conveniently. Completed at the viewers own pace, and without an expiration date, presentations are conducted via a recorded interactive PowerPoint presentation and access to resources is provided via Google Drive.

Affordable Educational Opportunities

Reasonably priced, our trainings allow for a wide variety of people to access important information in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

Recently added trainings for Certified Behavioral Analysts and Supervisors:

Schedule Reinforcement Better:Using Behavior Economics and Matching Law to Improve Client Outcomes 2 BACB Type II BACB CEUs

Schedules of reinforcement are an integral part of the work that behavior analysts do on a day-to-day basis.

This webinar provides a basic overview of behavioral economics and matching law to help attendees learn how to extend their knowledge of reinforcement in order to improve client outcomes.

Are you training Analysts or Interventionists? Providing Effective and Ethical BACB Supervision.
4 Type II BACB CEUs (3 Supervision CEUs and 1 Ethics CEU)

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board provides guidelines to Board Certified Behavior Analysts for provision of effective supervision. However, discussions on social media forums such as Facebook raise concerns about the quality of supervision received by students in the field of Behavior Analysis. This webinar focuses on discussing key components in providing effective supervision, teaching supervisees to engage in problem solving using the evidence based practice framework, and how to promote behavior analytic skills over solely implementing interventions.

The Acorn Health Training Institute is a Type II provider through Navigation Behavioral Consulting, LLC (BACB provider #OP-11-2108), as well as a Supervision Provider. The BACB does not endorse Navigation Behavioral Consulting, LLC.